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How Do I Learn about Wine?

education-230515So you really want to learn about wine. Perhaps your friends are getting serious about wine, and you’re feeling left out. Maybe you’re planning your first-born’s wedding, and you want to provide a really great wine selection. Whatever the reason, you might find yourself nervously saying, “HELP! How do I tackle learning about wine?

Let me start by encouraging you to calm down and have a little fun – or a lot of fun. Keep in mind that wine is nothing more than fermented grape juice, which is just a slight variation on the sweet drink we enjoyed as kids. Everybody can enjoy wine and if you’re at the beginning of your wine journey, you get to look forward to enjoying it even more as you learn more about it.

What types of learner you are? Let find out with categories you are in ….

  • So if you’re a Kinesthetic learner (someone who learns by active involvement), you will have a ton of fun learning about wine as you smell, see, feel and taste it. Really focus on your experience. For example, does the wine feel heavy in your mouth? Do you taste sweetness?
  • If you’re an Auditory learner, listen to your taste buds’ shouts of joy when they encounter a wine they really love. Try to name the flavors you taste: stone fruit? floral notes? spices?
  • If you’re a Visual learner, swirl the wine glass and observe the truly luscious variety of colors you encounter.


The best way to learn about wine is with friends. Maybe one friend smells strawberry notes in a wine, and another smells blackberry. Perhaps you weren’t able to identify any smells in this wine. Use your friends’ prompts to try to pick up on the berry notes in the wine. But remember to have fun. If you can’t pick up on the berry notes, don’t sweat it. Not all noses work alike.

Relax and allow your senses to take over. Take the time to figure out what you’re experiencing and, more importantly, what you’re enjoying. And don’t be alarmed if the wine you love isn’t the wine your friends love, and vice versa. Very often, one person’s star delight will leave another person flat. There’s no right or wrong. As you taste more wines, you will undoubtedly develop your wine knowledge and skills.

Host a Wine Tasting

As an independent wine consultant Le Paradise Cellar, I host entertaining, educational wine tastings. If you haven’t yet hosted a wine tasting with me, here are few great reasons to do so:

You get to try before you buy – At the grocery store; it’s tempting to choose the wines with the prettiest or cutest labels, only to be disappointed with what you find inside. It is such a treat to get to try wines and buy only the ones you really like.

Our wines are really good – Le Paradise Cellar has wonderful wines that aren’t available in supermarket or restaurants.

Fantastic learning environment – In between the sips and the laughs, we do our best to learn a little about wine. At my tastings, you’ll feel comfortable asking your questions, and I will do my best to answer them.

Choose traditional or blind – If you choose a traditional tasting, you’ll find out what you taste before you try it. If you choose a blind tasting, you’ll guess what you taste and see if you are right. Whichever approach you choose, you and your guests will be in for a real treat.

I look forward to leading a wine tasting for you soon. Please call me at +6011 3508 1891 with any questions or if you’re ready to schedule your tasting.